About Us

About Us

Executive Summary

FIVES INVESTMENTS, LLC (FI) is a corporation founded and owned by Mr. Samir Hanna Safar. The San Diego-based company was formed in February 2019 and has received no outside investments. FI develops road hazard detection technology and serves both national and international markets. Mr. Safar are interested in taking the company to the next level.

FI’s objectives are comprehensive yet achievable. With a complete design and prototype, carrying out the product’s development and market launch is the next step. Upon product introduction, FI’s Protective Sheets will be the only product of its kind thereby positioning the company at the top of the market. With its leading product, the company will maintain a strong market share while exploring new technologies that benefit and increase public safety. FI will achieve its goals by adhering to three keys to success: market power, customer satisfaction, and a superior management team.

The Product

The Market

FI is participating in a market that continues to grow every year. It is targeting a wide customer segment: all major U.S. cities, Europe, Japan, and Federal and state road contractors. Its customer segment is extensive because FI’s focus is motorist safety by way of an efficient technology that is essential on today’s crowded freeways. With the only product of its kind, FI’s potential for future growth is strong. In addition, the major trend in today’s market is toward international sales. The international market is expected to grow as it meets the needs of the global economy.

The Strategy

FI will follow three concise strategies to achieve its desired growth. It will emphasize increased profits margins through cost-effective operating expenses, build strong business partnerships, and develop a strong marketing infrastructure through referrals and networking. FI’s growth strategy is two phases: penetrate the United States market and then expand internationally. To bring the >>>>>o market, FI seeks $1 million to establish its development and marketing operations. It plans to use the funds for: organizational expenses, research and development, leasehold improvements, hardware/software/equipment, marketing, and working capital.

The Management

 Mr. Samir Hanna Safar are seasoned professionals who are capable of executing their strategic plan. Mr. Safar has 45 years of success in new product and software development and has direct responsibility for implementing market strategy and new product development. Mr. Safar will fulfill the role of Vice President of Sales and Marketing and position the company for global development and growth. Samir Safar will oversee daily operations and collaborate on economic rewards.